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The IB Mathematics HL revision guide Your ultimate guide to the highest grades!
ISBN : 9789082345933

Title: TopClassTutors.ORG IB Mathematics HL revision guide.

The IB Math HL revision guide covers the syllabus for exams from May 2014. All topics are prudently clarified in such way that students will be capable to solve exam questions; the theory is supported by clear  worked examples and questions.  The IB Math HL Revision Guide is “the fine art of guiding students through reasoning and problem solving of IB Math  concepts and preparing them for the highest score’. Useful tips and resources for Mathematics teachers.

About the Author

Mr. Groeneveld is a Math, Physics and Chemistry teacher with over 25 years’ experience. He has been involved with IB teaching for countless years. He is a regular teacher at the Academy for Gifted  and TopClassTutors.ORG Revision Courses and Pre- and Mid-IB study camps, both on the Northern and Southern hemisphere. MENSA ( the high IQ society) member. Lecturer and Speed Math Trainer  (in-company) courses for professionals and PhD and Master degrees students. Proctor and Tutor for Harvard students enrolled thru TopClassTutorsORG Subjects: Advanced Math, Statistics, Physics.

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