Course schedule Berlin, Köln and München

Till the final exams in May or November (for the retakes) revision courses for all subjects are organized daily in Germany on several locations.

Course dates:

  • May examination session:  from December 1 till May 1, daily
  • November examination session; from July 6 till November 1, daily

Select your preferred date(s) on the application form.

You can attend as many courses as you like – 1 subject per course.

  • One course lasts 2 consecutive days
  • Choose from all subjects
  • 14 hours of teaching per subject
  • 3 hours of tailor-made homework
  • Small classes of up to 6 students
  • Study one subject at a time
  • Registration first day: 8.15
  • Hours: 8.30 – 15.30

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