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‘…Don’t gamble on your future. Act now, without delay’
Simone de Beauvoir

Enroll now in the IBDP revision , Pre-IB, MID-IB preparation and enrichment courses or Summer or Winter programmes

For more than 20 years TopClassTutors.ORG International  is organizing its popular IBDP revision courses year-round worldwide, which are the best way for students to prepare for the final exams.  Our dedicated and experienced educators develop the IB Revision Guides and create IB resources  that  make rigorous content relevant and accessible to you and all IB schools.

Booksellers, school vendors, students and schools worldwide are acquiring our Revision guides and study books from our Publishing house in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

If you are a student entering the first or second year of the IBDP then attend our Pre- or Mid-IB  study summer camps as thousands of students have done before you.

When your grade is less than a 5, start tutoring now and get rid of your backlog ! Procrastination is your worst enemy. Start now, prior to IBDP Revision, Pre-IB or Mid-IB Preparation courses to reach the best results.  We do teach 365 days per year, 24/7. Anytime & Anywhere.

Our ‘Crème de la crème’ VIP package will allow you to attend any IB course or IB tutoring in private households, on your luxury yacht, private jet or even in the desert during a private safari or at any other spot or event worldwide.

Our trainings empower you with the skills necessary to succeed

  • How to overcome exam fear
  • Time management
  • Academic independence and accountability- Self-Reliance
  • Steps for learning disabled students to reach the highest scores

    Your final results are our top priority!
IBDP revision courses worldwide
IBDP Revision course in Berlin

Our dedicated experts:

  • possess at least 20 years of IB experience, each
  • are authors of IB revision guides
  • teach at IB schools worldwide
  • are IB examiners
  • are Mensa, the high IQ society, members
  • Incl. graduates of Harvard, MIT and other Top-ranked universities

Enroll for our IBDP revision courses today!

‘…Don’t gamble on your future. Act now, without delay’
Simone de Beauvoir



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