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TopClassTutors organizes IB Revision courses for students at IB World schools to help them prepare for their final exams in May or November.

Revision Courses All subjects
Levels All levels
Date, select your city on the left Every weekend and all school holidays, special periods before the exams.
Duration 2 days, 14 hours of revision
Schedule 9.00 - 16.00, plus 2 hours reviewed homework per day
Group 5 - 8 students
Number of courses Up to 6, one subject per course
Teachers Experienced IB teachers, for Math & Physics - Harvard instructor
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Fee See here
Accommodation Available, optional
Locations Worldwide
Other options Online tutoring or revision courses
Study camps 365 days per year, select any week
(non) Residential: €1500

The fee includes: teaching hours, study material.

The crash courses cover all topics from the IB curriculum and are the perfect preparation for the IBDP final exams in May and November. Also mock exam preparation available!

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To optimize the exam results, additional tutoring is strongly recommended for students with a grade of 5 or lower. Enrol yourself via

 Your advantages:

       Highly experienced IB teachers and for Math and Physics – Harvard teacher

       Students grouped according to their abilities, where possible.

       Review of all major parts of the syllabus, concentrating on areas you need help with.

       Invaluable practice and advice on IB exam questions and revision techniques.

       Intensive, focused, uninterrupted time on each topic.

       Informal exercise groups for those who want to keep their brains active. Increased confidence.


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